Diebold has used many different varieties of locks over the years but most of them use the same dialing procedure.  

It is as follows:

1. Turn Left (counter-clockwise - CCW) stopping the fourth time that your first number arrives at the index mark.  (the index mark is on the dial ring at the 12 o'clock position).
2. Turn Right (clockwise - CW) stopping the third time that your second number arrives at the index mark.
3. Turn Left (CCW) stopping the second time that your third number arrives at the index mark.
4. Turn Right, slowly, you should feel the lock engage between 0-10, continue turing right until the dial stops between 80-100.

When counting the turns, you are not counting the dial revolutions!  The only thing you are interested in is the individual number.  For instance if your first number is 10, you will turn Left (CCW), each time the number 10 comes to the index mark count that as "one".  Stop the fourth time that 10 arrives at the index mark.  You need to be fairly accurate.  The locks have a certain amount of play built in, but it is not very much.  1/2 number off the mark is sometimes enough that the lock will not open.

The key is used to lock the dial in place.  Turn the dial until "0" or "100" is at the index mark.  Insert and turn the key while holding the dial.  This should lock the dial in place.  It is used as either additional security or "dual Custody".  Dual Custody is used when two persons would be required to open the safe.  The first would unlock the dial and the second would have the combination.

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