Our goal is to provide a quality, secure, dependable safe for your home or business at an affordable cost.  We accomplish this by buying from banking and finacial institutions and reconditioning them in our 11,000sq. ft. facility just North of Atlanta GA.   The result is a low cost, quality pre-owned safe with high security standards.

A safe is an investment in peace of mind, protecting your most valuable possessions. If you are actively looking for a safe, or just want to know more about us for future reference, you are sure to find exactly what you need right here at Fab Factory.

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Fab Factory Security / Burglary Safes


Features -

  • Secure, 1/2 inch steel added hardened steel plate protects lock
  • UL electronic single or dual combination dial / deadbolt lock, as used in banks ( electronic )
  • Safes are completely reconditioned and painted. Seller will provide combination reset instructions
  • Safes can also be outfitted with a key or 3 number mechanical combination.
  • Safes weigh approximatly 750ldbs.
  • Available in 3 colors - Black, Almond and Grey
  • Interchangable with most locks.
  • Combination changes are fast and easy from the dial.
  • One 9VDC Batter in the dial housing can be changed easily.
  • Audible beep from every keystroke gives maimum feedback to the user. ( electronic )
  • 15 minute penalty lockout after 4 incorrect entries protects against manipulation attempts. ( electronic )

Lock Styles -

UL Electric Combo
Combination Lock
Combination Lock
 Mechanical Dial, 3 Number Combination,
Coms with rest key & Instruction Booklet
  UL Electronic Single or Dual
Combination Lock, as used in banks

Models & Prices ~

SEC-231824 SEC-231824 SEC-352323 SEC-352323 SEC-363028 SEC-363028
Retail Price Height (in.) Width (in.) Depth (in.) Model 

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