The Fab Factory Motorsports facility is located in a custom designed 12,000 square foot building just minutes north of Atlanta, near the Lockheed wind tunnel and Road Atlanta and has been home to several race teams including the Courage/Porsche, Brix/Motorola , Royal Purple /BMW and the Power MacIntosh team.

It is here that fabrication, assembly, and testing take place, and where cars are prepped in the weeks before the race. Sponsors visit with the engine builders and designers, or bring clients by to see pre-race preparation. With more than a decade of running within the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Series, team owner Fabian Dressler has developed a unique car/team package.


A living, breathing, roaring, corporate sponsor...   

As a corporate sponsor, your funding provides for car customization, adaptation and development, transportation, crew and on some occasion, the driver. If you choose Full Sponsorship, the team and car become your team and car, and are featured in all  publicity materials as your corporate sponsor. You know, it's not just about winning. It's about developing customer unification, excitement, and loyalty---and getting the maximum amount of television and printed press exposure as possible. Infuse your clients and customers with a sense of pride in your corporate race team. Make them  feel like it's their car. Make them part of the excitement, and they with become your loyal fans and customers.

Entertainment where you don't have to whisper... 

How valuable have sponsorships been in marketing and promotion? Virtually every team on the circuit is now sponsored by one or more corporations. The challenge and excitement that surrounds the fast toughest circuits in North America makes racing the hottest forum for increasing brand-name awareness and product promotions. When you use the race for client entertainment, you can arrange for a corporate VIP hospitality tent, and during the race weekend, personally introduce your clients to the drive and the team.   


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